Officially Unemployed.

So it's official, I am unemployed.

It may seem like an incredibly bad decision quitting my job when I'm actually looking to find more money but with the hours that I had been getting I'd had to rely on government benefits to survive anyway. And they way they compensate for your working income I was working my crappy old job for less than $10 an hour. It just wasn't worth it.

A little confusing but I think that made sense. So anyway, It doesn't really give me a whole lot of extra time (5 hours more a week) but at least I don't spend the rest of the week dreading having to go there! My week is now divided between making beanies and uggs flat out and hunting for that ever elusive full time job. I had an interview for a dental assistant position on Tuesday but I didn't hear anything back so I guess I didn't get that one.. But since then I've applied for another two positions. Fingers crossed. I'll keep applying until someone gives me a go.

Got a busy weekend coming up, trying out a new market in Epping - Not sure how its going to go but its worth a try! Then on Sunday if its not raining I'm going to head into Esk on my own and mum's going to head out to Evandale. Splitting up has always done wonders for the pocket in the past so hopefully doing the 3 markets this weekend will provide us both with some much needed extra cash!

Hopefully I can start up the safari fund soon!
♥ Amanda