Paddle Pops & Ugg Boots.

Interesting combination; paddle pops and ugg boots but it kind of sums up my life of late literally and metaphorically.. Let me elaborate.

In the literal sense - I've been making an absolute crap load of ugg boots lately and I'm planning another shoot for them tomorrow so i can advertise them properly. And I found a box of paddle pops in the freezer that I had completely forgotten about! Rainbow ones even!

Metaphorically - My life is so up in the air at the moment! No job, no matter how many jobs I apply for!! I think I've applied for about 25 over the past few weeks and I've only gotten one interview. I spend my days doing nothing I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy!

Anyway! Hmm tried to geek it up a little and put 'whinging' in end tags but the silly blog spot thought it was a legitimate end tag and didn't show it! So I'll end my whinging and return to something productive; making ugg boots and eating paddle pops!

♥ Amanda