Creativity Abounds.

I have been so creative lately!

I've started on the kiddy uggs - which are still in progress but I'm pretty sure I have the pattern down finally. Soon to be available in 10, 12, 14 and MAYBE 16cm.

I've also decided that I'm going to start making bangles again - Ribbon wrapped ones which I was making some time back as gifts which I'll add as part of my 2pm at the button factory range. Not technically a button but it fits with the rest of my products.

Also, tonight i got all my self covered buttons sorted to make up some snap clip ones. I tried this a while back but i couldn't get the buttons to stay on - the wire technique wasn't working for me and hot gluing them wasn't secure enough. I've read a few posts online that recommend a product called E6000 which I'm going to attempt to track down tomorrow and try. Along with the snap clips i have bobby pin and hair tie buttons that I'll photograph as soon as i can get back to the market to pick them up (I forgot to bring them home with me Sunday).

I've had a bit of a look online and i've found a couple of tutorials on how to photograph stock and have it look professional - You know, those photos of products you see where it appears to be floating on a white background.. Well I'm going to have a bit of a try at that and see what happens.

Unfortunately I jumped on to my website today for the first time in quite a while (too long considering its under construction) and it appears it has been reported as an attack site - bloody hackers uploading shit onto it because its been idle for so long i assume. Going to have to get the mother onto this pronto! Not going to sell anything from a website which no one can access!

Anyway, once its back up and running, check it out!

♥ Amanda