Yep, So I've been trying my hardest not to become a blog whore however, I have exciting news! A lady came by the market this morning and wants approx 25 products to display in the Tamar Tourism Center in Exeter =) That's a big order for us and couldn't have come at a better time! I'm still getting no work so money is tight and a few hundred $$ from this sale will be a BIG help.

Included in that order are my newest products. Some gorgeous little Uggs (Pattern available for purchase on by Mon Petit Violon) They seem to be pretty popular so far.. Not entirely sure about the price I have on them but I'll wait and see how well they sell before I change it..

This means I'll be flat out this week making more! To fill the order, stock the stall and quite possibly a few to list on Etsy, madeit, and Oztion. I've also found a pattern for a crochet button and because I'm having so much trouble finding suitable buttons for the uggs without paying a fortune for them so I'll be working on making those too and depending on how well they work out i might sell them individually or in packs also =)

Its going to be a busy busy week!

♥ Amanda