Flu + No tissues + No car = Ugh.

So life has its ups and its downs, right? Well today would definitely be one of the down days! Struggling to remove myself from the couch to do even the smallest task of feeding myself! Its days like these I wonder what others must see in myself? What do I see in myself?
Seriously, maybe I am bi polar? Two days ago I was on the biggest high, strutting around with my head held high. Life was good. Then suddenly, crash! I'm back at the bottom again. This is ridiculous.

Stupid $9,000 car decided this morning that it doesn't want to go anymore! Why pay decent money for a car when you still have the stupid bloody issues with them! I missed an appointment this morning and had to call up and sound like a complete bogan to reschedule cos my car wouldn't start. Its goes Rrr.. Rrrrrr.. Rrrrrrrrrrrr.. Fucking battery. I swear I did nothing to make it angry this time, unlike last time.. So now, even if I wanted to leave, I can't. I'm on house arrest.

I have my first ever hospital admission on Friday to have my wisdom teeth yanked out (thankfully I don't need my car for that!) and I'm considering writing "not this one" on various limbs like House so I have some chance of leaving without having a limb accidentally amputated. Yes - I have great confidence in the hospital staff.

Also, I still have the flu.
Flu + No tissues + No car = Ugh.

Take a pill and perhaps thing will right themselves..

End of season.

So i guess it is the absolute worst time of year for my uggs to be looking so damn cute! I did my shoot this morning and I'm really happy with how the photos turned out - even if i did get there and REALLY couldn't be bothered doing it! We're coming to the end of our season (the warmer months are upon us!) But hopefully I might still sell a few of these for newborns? I've uploaded a photo of my favourite pair - Two Tone Ash & Bone.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was heading to a new market last weekend in Epping. What I didn't mention since was that it was a monumental waste of time! I spent all day in the freezing cold, making my flu even worse in order to sell TWO beanies. The next day we split up and did two more markets but all in all, the profit from three markets was less than we usually take in one.

HOWEVER, instead of giving up, this weekend we are trying two more! Deloraine - we did reasonably there the last time and our usual Esk. Gotta try and fit in as many markets as we can before we pack up until Agfest in May.

On a side note, I got a call this morning from my dentist..... I'm scheduled to have my wisdom teeth out next Friday - ARRRGH! lol

♥ Amanda

Paddle Pops & Ugg Boots.

Interesting combination; paddle pops and ugg boots but it kind of sums up my life of late literally and metaphorically.. Let me elaborate.

In the literal sense - I've been making an absolute crap load of ugg boots lately and I'm planning another shoot for them tomorrow so i can advertise them properly. And I found a box of paddle pops in the freezer that I had completely forgotten about! Rainbow ones even!

Metaphorically - My life is so up in the air at the moment! No job, no matter how many jobs I apply for!! I think I've applied for about 25 over the past few weeks and I've only gotten one interview. I spend my days doing nothing I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy!

Anyway! Hmm tried to geek it up a little and put 'whinging' in end tags but the silly blog spot thought it was a legitimate end tag and didn't show it! So I'll end my whinging and return to something productive; making ugg boots and eating paddle pops!

♥ Amanda