Faceless Triumphs.

I've decided that due to a disturbing lack of craft supply stores in Launceston and my inability to locate ANY 6mm eyes, my amigurumi creations shall be faceless. This and the fact that i really haven't mastered mouths - they tend to look somewhat sinister..

But i think they still look pretty damn cute without faces.. It just makes them a little different!

On a more positive note, i've finally found some wide leg jeans! The search is over and I didn't even have to buy second hand! This is such a triumph.. Thank you Just Jeans, you have forever enriched my life. It has been impossible to find wide leg jeans which have a high enough waist to not display a significant portion of crack every time you bend slightly. The only down side is that they are a fraction too small until i wear them in so for the moment, they are almost cutting me in half! Well, as they say - No pain, No gain... Or something..

♥ Amanda