Been a while..

I know, I know, i said i wouldn't let this blog lapse as i have many others in the past.. BUT i've come back so it hasn't really lapsed, right? I'm so excited tonight. My mum has been working like an absolute champ today and has pumped out my new website!

All it needs now are the paypal links and we'll be up and running! Watch out! lol
I'm full of all sorts of wonderful crafty ideas at the moment. I'm waiting on my first batch of self covered earring supplies to arrive - can't wait to get onto those! And i'm also looking into noodle boxes as gift boxes to sell alongside my button products. I'm thinking of an arty strip of some nice wrapping paper around them. Perfect for christmas time. And personally, i'd be more than happy to pay an extra $2-$3 to avoid having to wrap my gifts! lol

Also need to make up some business cards - pop one of those into each of the noodle boxes. Maybe drum up some repeat business.

Lots of big ideas floating around at the moment!

Many thanks to my financial backer and web designer - Mum!

♥ Amanda