Trial, Error & Tantrums.

Yes, I'm still alive.
Yes, I'd forgotten all about this blog.
Yes, It will probably happen again.

I recall thinking when I first started this blog that I would most likely completely forget about it in a matter of weeks after the initial novelty had worn off and lo and behold, I've not posted anything since October. However, It's great to read back over those old posts when I was just starting to put together my small business and see just how far I've come in just six months!

From starting up the 2pm at the button factory website and having my very first sale in August/September to having over 750 followers on Facebook and my stock in several stores in March. It's been a fantastic journey. There have been ups and downs, triumphs and disasters, a LOT of trial and error and maybe even the odd tantrum thrown in but I think I've made it and I'm incredibly proud of what I've accomplished.

My 2pm range has expanded significantly since those early days and the quality has greatly improved as I've learnt more and more! Covered button hair ties in various sizes, hair slides, hair clips, earrings, bookmarks & designer rings. Decoupage and ribbon wrapped bangles and some new additions that I'm currently still working on; glass tile earrings and magnets!

♥ Amanda